They Know What The Customer Wants! Proposal And Validation Of a Scale To Evaluate The Sales Force Integration Into The Product Development Process


Objective: To propose and test a scale to measure the salesperson’s integration into the product development process (PDP), considering the perspective of salespeople.

Methodology: The data were collected through a survey applied to 258 salespeople from medical device industry and analyzed using exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis.

Main results: The analysis of the scale’s psychometric properties was satisfactory, with good reliability and validity parameters.

Contributions: The study provides an instrument for measuring salesperson’s integration into the PDP, considering the perspective of salespeople, since much of what is in the literature is based on managers and supervisors’ opinions. Also, the study can help organizations design PDPs that effectively integrate the salesperson, covering a range of meaningful information for the company, as well as helping to maintain employees with a broader view of sales activity.

Relevance / originality: Lack of clarity regarding sales force integration into the PDP indicates that the salesperson may receive non-effective training, resources may be invested incorrectly, and worthy information may be lost simply because there is no understanding on the part of the salesperson that they are part of the product development process.

Keywords: Salesforce. Product development process. Salesman and product development. Salesforce and PDP.

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